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小田原かまぼこ通り活性化協議会 | ようこそ、かまぼこ通りへ

We promote and share the beauty and appeal of Japan`s “Kamaboko Road.” Most of the producers of this famous Odawara product are located here. Along this road you can discover local history, tradition, and taste delicious local foods. We look forward to sharing and growing the people, businesses, and history of the “Kamaboko Road” with you.

During the times the Hojo family ruled from Odawara Castle, this area was known as “Funeho Village.” The name was given because of the number of fishing ships that would bring in their catch from Sagami Bay here.


Kamaboko, Odawara`s Famous Product

This road has many of the main stores for a number of Odawara Kamaboko companies. Kamaboko is a refined fish cake made from high quality fish molded to shapes. Making kamaboko reduces the oils and fishy taste, producing a delicous product popular throughout Japan. But there is more to see and do than just Kamaboko. You can walk the sandy beaches, visit dried fish stores, see traditional katsuobushi (dried bonito famed for it's umami values), restaurants, Japanese sweets shops, and much more. This is the traditional heart of Odawara`s culinary heritage.

We hope you can discover and enjoy this wonderful area. It is our goal to share and continue the traditions of the “Kamaboko Road.”

There are over 30 traditional shops along this one road! This is a place where you can visit various shops in various traditional industries at one time. We encourage you to explore freely to taste, see, and feel the connection with the past and present.

1 Urokoki

2 Odawara Oden

3 Blue Sky

4 Ajiichi Hojo Ramen

5 Youko Snack

6 Akira Restaurant

11  Isekane Kamaboko (Take out   available)

12  Wakiya Kamaboko

13 Yamajo Kamaboko

14 Maruu Kamaboko (Cafe

15 Kagosei Kamaboko (Take out available)

16 Sugikane Kamaboko

17 Sakura Kamaboko

18 Suzumatsu Kamaboko

19 Sugisei Kamaboko (Take out available)

20 Ito Liquor Store

21 Suzuki Japanese Sweets Shop

22 ozawa Vegetable Shop

23 Yamaichi Himono Dried Fish Shop

24 Hayase Himono Dried Fish Shop

25 Iseya Japanese Sweets Shop

26 Kagotsune Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito)

27 Taihan Himono Dried Fish Shop

28 Akane Restaurant

29 R Corporation Seafood Distributors

30 Hiyori Japanese Tableware and Pottery

31 Yamada Clothing


33 Viel Beauty Salon

34 Dog Grooming

35 Kosesui Day Service


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